Today we are taking one step further in the direction of social bookmarking. From now on, while sharing a collection with general public you should be able to enable suggestions for that collection so anyone on the internet can suggest links to your collection without even having a linkish account.

How to enable suggestions?

Here is how the "Enable suggestion" option looks like in the share collection popup


How can visitors suggest a link?

Your visitors will see the following button on top right corner of the collection's page where they can suggest links to your collection


How can you approve/reject suggestions?

Please go to the new Suggestions page to see the links suggested by you and to you where you can approve/reject the links that were suggested to you.


Why was this feature built?

So far, to add suggestions to your collection you had to use linkish with 2 more products. One for taking the form submission like Airtable, Typeform, etc. and other being an automation tool like Zapier. With suggested links we have eliminated the need of those two more products.

We understand that you might not wish to add all the suggested links to your collection and you can not block those unwanted links in Zapier or Typeform, therefore we created a separate section where you can accept/reject suggestions and choose which links should be added to your collections.


Suggested links from guest visitors

Show an "Add suggestion" button to guest visitors which will open an add link popup. These suggestions will be visible to collection owner which they can either approve or deny. Approving a suggestion adds the link to the owner's collection

Akash Joshi